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Leading Beyond Authority

               “If you are going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased”  Maya Angelou.


If you have completed our Personal Excellence for Leaders Programme you will know that to increase your impact , for example by having an impact on the society or in the world, you need to grow your Circle of Influence, you need to build relationships with people and you need to be able to convey your vision effectively to win people over.


Leading Beyond Authority Programme supports leaders wanting to influence change beyond their immediate environment, their inherited circle of influence; leading where they have no real authority to start with such as in the society, but who are able to over time change the status quo.
But how do you do this and most importantly why would you want to do this?


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  • An opportunity to develop a new set of skills needed for the new set of challenges.
  • An opportunity to revisit one’s leadership style and fine tune it to achieve new, uncharted outcomes.
  • An opportunity to increase one’s influence and look at the Bigger Picture.
  • Revisit previously mastered Leadership Excellence best practices and techniques and hand select the ones which will help achieve new aspirations in new territories.

Who is it for?

  • Leaders comfortable in their position of leadership, looking to grow their impact.
  • Who are looking for the next big challenge outside of their immediate circle of influence.
  • Want to deliver a lasting change that has the potential to benefit many lives
  • Want to leave a long-lasting legacy which could ring out past the course of their own lifetime.

What can be found here?

Strategic Mindset

Having a strategic mindset is the difference between having your idea take root or falling away at the first hurdle, so before you start on your mission of making the world a better place to be-you need a plan.

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Working with People

To achieve a long lasting change you need a team of people who believe in the same vision, who will work with you on achieving common goals, that is why working with people is key.

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The approach is about the “How”; how will you execute the plan, how will you collaborate with others, how will you create a landscape where your idea can start germinating?

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