Earlier this year we were looking forward to implementing our strategy, growing our service offering and supporting leaders every step of the way. We had our ducks lined up a row and were executing our plan with very good success rates. Then the Corona Virus struck, and the world as we knew it, changed for everybody.

This is our Diary of the Pandemic:

16.03.2020- Letter To Our Clients Goes Out- Change Is Here

“For Forte Training Company the health and wellbeing of our clients is of utmost importance. With that in mind, and given the current situation with COVID 19, we are implementing a digital strategy with the immediate effect to offer all of our services online in order to stop the spread of the virus.

Coaching and training online can be as effective as face to face and with the new gadgets and solutions available it can make the learning even more effective. We are not new to coaching clients online, in fact we have been offering that service since the company was established, and the customer satisfaction has been as positive as with the face to face offering. This also allows our clients the additional flexibility of fitting their personal development around any other commitments they may have in the day.

Our strategy will remain in place until further notice and we will communicate when we revert back to offering our services face to face as well as remotely in line with the government guidance.”

27.03.2020 Leaders Corona Virus Think Tank Invitation- Call to Action.

Following the outbreak of Corona Virus, we are keen to find a solution how we can help leaders at this time. Then we have an idea and the message goes out to the public:

“Forte Training Company has always been focused on helping leaders every step of the way; from establishing their leadership style, developing their personal excellence to leading beyond authority to create a long-lasting legacy.

“We believe that the time of the Corona Virus lock down offers us an opportunity to take stock of where we are as a society, how we run our businesses and what really matters and take those lessons to make improvements for our life and the lives of those around us to inform the improvements we can influence once the lock down restrictions have been lifted.

For that reason, we would like to invite you to join our Leaders’ Corona Virus Think Tank which will take a format of weekly conference calls for the next 12 weeks which will be based around three simple objectives:

The Think Tank will take the format of weekly 1-hour remote calls starting Thursday 2.04.2020 for the next 12 weeks.” And this is how this journey starts….

31.03.2020- Leaders Think Tank Team Starts To Take Shape

2.04.2020 Session 1First Meeting Takes Place.

9.04.2020 Session 2-The Think Tank Leadership Team Is Growing.

16.04.2020 Session 3-Lessons Learnt- Part 1

22.04.2020 First Blog About The Think Tank Gets Published

23.04.2020 Session 4- Lessons Learnt- Continuation

The leaders are continuing their work on lessons learnt from the pandemic which include observations such as:

First Feedback From The Leaders Starts Coming In:

“I really enjoyed the session today; it was really interesting hearing from people in different leadership positions and at different stages of their careers. It was extra interesting to see some themes emerging between groups from discussions and see how people are coping.” Nicole Wright, MSc Graduate in Applied Social Psychology

“The sessions are informative, they relay a wider perspective of how different leaders are making life choices, influencing factors and where their focus of attention maybe in the future, post lock down.” Sovel Cunningham, HR Specialist, poet and motivational speaker.

But this is not the end, there are 12 meetings planned altogether and with every step their vision for the world after the pandemic is starting to take shape and gain clarity. What the outcomes of these sessions will be, we don’t really know yet, but what we do know is that we are on a journey with a group of visionaries and we all look into the future with hope and expectation.

We will be sharing anonymised notes from the meetings very soon. To receive them directly to your inbox, register with us today by going to our Contact Page.


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