Forte Training Company gets invited by Brunel University to deliver a workshop on Mastering Performance.

The workshop was aimed to help students feel more comfortable in a live performance situation. We focused on how one’s personality can impact their perception of, and experience of performance and most importantly how they can prepare for those opportunities in good time.

We know that at least almost half of musicians experience Performance Anxiety and in fact stars such Adele, Andrea Bocelli, Ozzy Osbourne or Jess Glynne to name a few examples have all been open about their struggle with the so called “stage fright”.

So, what can be done to help?

  • First of all, knowing that anxiety is a natural bodily response to stress or pressure may be a great start. The reason we may experience a conflict, a sense of loosing control in an high excitement or stress situation is that there is, in fact, an internal battle taking place within our Central Nervous System. Our Sympathetic System reacts to a stimulus with a “Fight or Flight” response by pumping our blood faster, increasing our heart rate and raising the blood pressure. The Parasympathetic System on the other hands tries to preserve the energy by slowing the heart rate and ultimately trying to offset the actions and responses of the Parasympathetic system. No wonder we may feel not in control!


  • Knowing how many people (47%), including the high-profile, successful stars who have so openly shared their experience may also help see one’s anxiety in a wider context. Having open discussions about our experiences and feelings can help us remove the “taboo” label once and for all, making those who experience anxiety feel part of the wider community.


  • Seeing performance anxiety as a cyclical event helps us anticipate it better by preparing for it in advance, experiencing it more consciously and learning from it afterwards by reflecting on went well and what we could do better in the future.


  • Understanding that our personality has a significant impact on how we see and experience the performance opportunity. Knowing what our personality type is (especially in the context of Introversion and Extroversion but also Judging and Perceiving elements) can help us put our strengths to greater use and develop our blind spots to better utilise our natural and unique talents.The impact of personality on how we see and respond to the world is something that we are in particular passionate about at Forte; drawing the link between the two can help us understand the role of our thoughts on our actions, behaviours, habits and eventually outcomes.


  • And finally considering the role of leadership within the context of music and arts, asking ourselves the “WHY” question, trying to identify one’s Sense of Purpose can help us look at a performance opportunity from a raise perspective of giving to others, instead of feeling like we are the ones in the spotlight. The realisation that our creativity has the potential to enrich the lives of others, providing them with a long lasting inspiration and self empowerment can be a strong motivator  and a driving force for mastering performance.


Performance Anxiety is not exclusive to musicians and performers, we know that it can also be experienced in other areas of our lives. Is it not true that people responsible for public speaking, delivering presentations or business pitches can also experience some of the symptoms such as: the feeling of fear, increased heart rate, augmented perspiration, stuttering, dry mouth, forgetfulness and others symptoms which can be experienced in an anxiety episode? Which makes the subject of Performance relevant not only to artists and musicians but almost anyone who has the voice and opportunities to inspire, empower and influence others, seeing Leaders in all areas of life.


  • “I feel very comfortable now knowing that performance anxiety is a very common thing and I am not the only one experiencing it.” TT


  • “It helped me understand that different personality types impact how people respond to situations differently” SG


  • “What an amazing session to attend. It definitely did help me understand more about myself” LW


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