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About Us:

Forte Training Company is a boutique and quality centred Coaching and Training provider for high end and successful clients.

We offer high quality, time-efficient solutions to meet the needs of high pressured and high-paced lifestyles.

We focus on achieving optimal personal and business performance through the discovery of clients’ strengths, drives and motivation.

We help clients map out individual strategies and action plans using tried and tested methodologies and support the implementation process.

Each coaching programme is tailor made to clients specific needs, aspirations and circumstances and with a particular consideration for clients’ learning styles and personality type.

International Women's Day - Women in Business

What We Do:

We work with ambitious and driven individuals as well as some of the most forward-thinking businesses in helping them achieve their next milestones utilising our professional expertise and some of the most ground-breaking and reliable learning methodologies available. 

We offer exceptional quality, time efficient solutions to meet the needs of high-pressured, high-paced lifestyles. Our methods are tailored to each client’s specific needs to help them realise their ambitions faster by removing unnecessary distractions, barriers and obstacles.

We specialise in delivering our high level, superior- quality services face to face and remotely using the latest technology.


Our Experiences:

We have a proven track record of working with the following sectors:

– Borough and Metropolitan Borough Councils
– Government Agency

– International Automotive Manufacturer
– International Fashion Retailer
– International Cosmetics Manufacturer
– Global Network Operator and a Telecommunications Group
– Entrepreneurs
– Consultants
– Start Ups

What makes our services exceptional:

Here are a few reasons why are services work:

– Focussed on developing a Personal or Executive Excellence Mindset
– Bespoke
– Tailored to individual needs
– Outcome based
– Person/client centred
– Quality assured

Why Forte?

Forte Training Company was born out of our desire to help others achieve success and fulfilment.

Having worked in the corporate world for many years, we were privileged to facilitate some amazing results when people we were working with were being effectively coached and nurtured.

We had access to the best tools and methodologies available and we witnessed not only how dramatically our lives, but also the lives of our clients were transformed in front of our eyes.

We know from experience and from meeting people that there is less and less individual support available, with many training and development interventions being replaced by e-learning and on the job training.

There is nothing wrong with them in essence, but when individual’s ambitions, pace and style of learning or even personality are not compatible with what is on offer, there is often no alternative available in off the shelf or corporate training portfolios causing people to live unfulfilled, unbalanced and quite frankly unhappy lives.

At Forte, we have a desire to disrupt that trend and that is how our dream of bringing the people-centred tools and interventions came to life. We put our learners at the heart of our service delivery.

Each of our programmes is designed to help our clients understand themselves better.

This is because at Forte, we believe that progress starts with insight, then developing the right mindset (called a Growth Mindset); once we understand ourselves better, we can more effectively and efficiently inform our actions, behaviours and next steps which in turn helps us achieve great results faster!

International Women's Day- Women in Business
International Women's Day - Women in Business

Take a look at the purpose behind Forte Training Company and what our mission is: