A month or so ago we were going to share with you the extraordinary news that our founder, Magdalena Gabriah had co-written a book.

But before we could share with you the happy news, as you know, the Corona Virus swept across the world changing our lives as we knew it.

What ensued afterwards was us moving all of our operations online so that we could protect our clients and their families by offering the safe service of remote coaching and training.

So now we all are as safe as possible, most of us able to work from home, let’s revisit this unexpected development and what came off it.

“Wild Wise Women”

The book is called Wild Wise Women and is ” the quest of 10 fearless women entrepreneurs who beat the odds and survived the unimaginable to become successful”, if you were to go by the blurb on the book jacket.

The book is a collection of stories from real women of all walks of life who were brave enough to share ,often previously unshared, truths about their lives with a hope that the lessons they had learnt along the way will inspire, empower and motivate others who may be embarking on similar journeys.

The Least Likely Leader

Magdalena’s story is the 10th one in the book and is entitled “The Least Likely Leader”. Here she talks about how she became a leadership champion against the odds, against self-perceived shortcomings and weaknesses. In her story she shares her belief that leaders do not necessarily have to be born as such, but can become them through the choices they make: the choice to lead, the choice to build others up, the choice to believe in their own strength. There is much more to the story and we would not want to spoil it for you, but we want to end with her parting words of her chapter:

“Do not believe those who have ever said that you alone are powerless. Whatever you are aspiring for, I know you have everything you need to make your own mark on the world, to be the driving force of positive change, that like a note committed to a room full of people has no other option than to ring out its pure brilliance.”

What about the other 9 stories in the book? Well, they are equally extraordinary. Take a look at the book trailer to find out more:

What happened next?

The book was (self) published on Amazon the 18.02.2020 with the help of Sandra Stachowicz. Sandra, who already was the author of another international bestseller called “Leap Afraid”, in Wild Wise Women not only did she share her incredible story of how her successful business unexpectedly fell apart and the unlikely solution that helped her turn things around; but also project managed the whole process of publishing the “Wild Wise Women” from start to finish.

She managed the seemingly impossible task of leading, many of the first time writers, through the twists and turns of this unique journey of writing their stories with great ease and patience, which was especially challenging since all of the authors were scattered across the globe from Europe to America from UK to Scotland and with the editor herself being based in the USA.

All of the collaboration on the project, and of course the process of writing the book was done remotely, which from the perspective we have now of the Corona Virus offered a great, real life, opportunity to put the principles of remote working into practice.

#1 International Bestseller

On the 5.03.2020 Wild Wise Women, you could say against all odds for being a self-published book, without the backing of a big publishing house, “Wild Wise Women” became a #1 Amazon Bestseller internationally in multiple categories thanks to the fantastic support across the board.

To date the book has had 49 reviews scoring 4.9 out of 5 stars. But the key question remains: what did the readers say?

“Finally, a book written by normal women! I could relate to their struggles and felt inspired by their mindset shifts, these are all extraordinary yet normal women who were courageous enough to pursue their dreams and follow their intuition.
This book is far from being the classic self-help book, it inspired me because I could see myself in these women.
I highly recommend it, it’s jam packed with down to earth wisdom and potent energy! I absolutely love it!

“This was the perfect travelling book for me, filled with inspirational, personally written stories of women who have faced major adversity in so many forms, but dug in, persevered and come out in a better place on the other side. A fantastic example to us all that anything is possible, and that as women, we all have it in us to succeed, no matter what life throws our way. The power in sharing these extremely personal accounts is that they will encourage, motivate and inspire others to do the same. Definitely recommended!” Lynds Corbin

“What a great surprise- Like “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, a collection of remarkable stories for, by and about women overcoming and bouncing back from adversity… creating amazing lives. Inspiring and each story, so well and heart fully written. A pleasure.” The Grossmann Family

No doubt this is the beginning of the journey for all the authors and not the end of the writting adventure for some of them.

Next stop a book signing even once the Corona Virus is over. Until then, we can enjoy the book in the lock down and hopefully take encouragement from it…for hope is what this book had been written for.

Celebrate International Women’s Day 2021

You can purchase the e-book for a special price of £0.99/$0.99 until 10.03.2021

Don’t miss this opportunity, head to Amazon: Wild Wise Women

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  1. It’s been an absolute pleasure and joy to work with you and all the co-authors. There were times when we all felt like pulling our hair out of desperation, wanting to throw the manuscript against the wall to see if it sticks but we pushed through and got our book done. At the end of the day, our stories, no matter how painful or personal are not ours to keep. Our stories have the power to heal and transform the world, one book, one woman and one business at a time. We live in unprecedented times and now, more than ever men and women alike need to be inspired, uplifted and motivated and that’s exactly what “Wild Wise Women” helps people achieve. Together we RISE!

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